upholstery textile - DW relies on Isko premium denim to develop new collection

Italian brand DW and Isko have been working together to develop unique concepts for FW2019 &amp□□; SS2020 collection▷▪◇▽■, starting from premium Isko denim-••△▼. Each garment is sartorially and carefully thought out resulting in a beautiful product that is respectful of people and the planet…▲▲. DW FW2019 and SS2020 collections are already out◁-●…, both available in Italian stores□▲-.

From fabrics to stitching to accessories▽=●•■, every small element is carefully envisioned and developed to create garments that stand out in the market and are safe for the planet and its people▪★◁▷. With cutting-edge technologies and forefront treatments being part of the process-◁▲, the partnership with Isko▪○★■, leading denim ingredient brand▽■, came naturally &ndash•○▪; the next step forward in a journey toward distinction•●.

Being the first mill in the world to be awarded both Nordic Swan Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel■•●▷, the company provided the perfect=●▪•, responsible solutions to better define DW&rsquo◆●★;s vision=••. Combined with the brand&rsquo■▪■;s tradition and expertise●◇●◆△, the pioneering fabrics developed by Isko enrich every denim piece with responsibility and premium quality-○, according to the mill&rsquo•▪■☆◆;s Responsible Innovation approach◆▲○. Based on creativity=▲△-○, competence and citizenship▼-▽□…, this holistic strategy constantly defines new standards for the entire industry▪□●, allowing the brand to fully and safely express its creativity◁-▲☆. The result is the five pockets Milano model and the American pocket Enea pant■☆◁, both available in different washes and colours••▽•●.

Isko is part of Sanko Tekstil□■, the textile division of the Sanko Group○▽●=△. As the premium denim ingredient brand behind people&rsquo▲◁;s most favorite jeans…•●•◆, it has a strong global presence in 35 countries with 60 international locations…☆▷▼. By virtue of its Responsible Innovation approach-…◁●△, founded on creativity•■◁▪, competence and citizenship◁▪,

Isko works to make the world a better place bringing awareness to environmental as well as social aspects◁▪. As a result of its R-Two programme made with certified reused cotton and certified recycled polyester△◁▼▷◁, the company&rsquo◇●●▲;s denim offer is fully responsible▷■.

Committed to an approach of continuous improvement▼◇▽, Isko relies on external stakeholder engagement=▽, striving for third-party certifications and partnerships□•◇. This has led to many achievements=☆☆◁…, including◆=◁▲■: Nordic Swan Ecolabel=▼■=, EU Ecolabel☆▽•○◇, STeP by Oeko-Tex certifications and Textile Exchange△…, ZDHC●▪, SAC○▷▷□▽, and Sedex memberships▲◆.

Isko is a trademark of Sanko Tekstil■•◆.

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