sustainable material – Concertex to show new pformance fabrics onlinat NeoC

Concertex is set to display latest performance fabrics online at NeoCon 2020◆◆☆◆. Concertex will have to digitally introduce the brands capabilities to fuse coated construction with woven sensibility▽▪-=●. The leading textile company&rsquo▪◁★◇•;s captivating colour combinations and new high-performance textiles are sure to be a scroll stopper at this year&rsquo▲☆–;s digitalised NeoCon□●.Product highlights include Warp•▽=, a […]

sea pollution-HeiQ & Buff make CoolNet UV+ fabric for activated coing

HeiQ has joined hands with Buff on their new CoolNet UV+ fabric to stay dry and feel cool○▲△-•. Buff is the original multifunctional headwear brand◁◆, having premiered and innovated the tubular headwear category•◇■-▪. HeiQ is a leader in textile innovation creating some of the most effective△○☆▽□, durable▼=◇•○, and high-performance textile technologies in the market today△■◇.Just […]

footwear – IIT startup makes fabrics infectionproof

Fabiosys Innovations○▼, an IIT Delhi startup•○, is developing infection-proof fabrics to prevent hospital acquired infections◇▲. In experiments☆●, Fabiosys&rsquo◁◇▪; fabrics have been shown to kill around 99◇-.9 per cent of pathogens in one-two hours▼◁◇▷-. The team has developed an affordable textile processing technology to convert cotton fabrics into infection-proof fabrics△▼….The public healthcare facilities in developing countries […]