recycled nylon fabric

What is recycled nylon fabric Recycled nylon is made from nylon waste from products that have already been manufactured, sold, used, and then discarded by consumers. It can also be made from the waste that’s left over during the processes where nylon is made into a product. Environmental protection, regeneration and recycling have become hot […]

The Facts on Plastic Pollution

IGO Textile is proud of our SEAQUAL fabrics on fighting plastic pollution. In 2019, we participated in SEAQUAL INITIATIVE. Up to now, we have been supplying more and more various fabrics made with SEAQUAL® YARN. Plastic is destroying our marine environment like never before. They stay in our ocean for centuries. Since its introduction in the 1950s, 8.3 […]


In December 2021, we made our first contribution of EUR250.00 for SEAQUAL INITIATIVE. We are pretty proud that Xiamen IGO has become part of SEAQUAL INITIATIVE – a global community helping to clean our oceans. SEAQUAL INITIATIVE raises awareness of the problem of marine litter and gives visibility to the many people and organizations working hard to clean our oceans. Every year 8-12.7 million tons […]

IGO Textile is GRS certificated

IGO Textile has been awarded with GRS certificate since 16 July 2020, and the updated certificate is valid until 03 Nov. 2022. As a service-oriented company, we focus on identifying, sourcing, and supplying eco-friendly products and services to targeted market segments. We will help you develop and expand your markets by the leading edge of applying eco-friendly […]