upholstery textile – DW relies on Isko premium denim to develop new collection

Italian brand DW and Isko have been working together to develop unique concepts for FW2019 &amp□□; SS2020 collection▷▪◇▽■, starting from premium Isko denim-••△▼. Each garment is sartorially and carefully thought out resulting in a beautiful product that is respectful of people and the planet…▲▲. DW FW2019 and SS2020 collections are already out◁-●…, both available in […]

sustainable material – Marcia Ayala to speak at IFAIs Women in Textiles Summit

Marcia Ayala■◇•…-,System info, president of Aurora Specialty Textiles▪…, has been selected as a panellist to speak at the International Fabrics Association International (IFAI) Women in Textiles Summit 2020•-◆▼, which will be held from February 19-21•★◆•=, 2020=▷, sustainable material in Nashville▪-◁●, Tennessee●◇■△★, US◇★◆. Aurora is a leader in coating…▲○△▲, dyeing…◇●☆▽, and finishing of both woven and […]