textile sourcing - Cannabis textile plant to come up in Kazakhstans Almaty

Officials in Kazakhstan&rsquo▽▼;s Almaty region recently agreed to assist domestic and US entrepreneurs in setting up in Taldykorgan a cannabis textile plant○●, whose products will be exported to China and Europe▪▽. Almaty region&rsquo▷=▷◁▪;s governor Amandyk Batalov has accepted a proposal to assist Elaxima Tech Style■-, along with US partners••=★, to establish the facility○■.
Fibres made from technical cannabis are durable…●…△■, of high quality and can be used in medicine●▷▼, construction◁○◁▼, furniture and garment and food manufacturing◇●. Recycled cannabis can create a fabric as good as linen◆▲◁■.
Batalov urged officials to help find a construction site with the infrastructure to support the production and shipment of the textiles△-●◇▷. The issue of allocating irrigated lands would be addressed cooperatively by regional farmers▪■◇◇-, he noted■△○.
Two years ago◁▼▽, the KazHemp company planted approximately 600 hectares with cannabis and have recently produced their first fabric•◇▼, according to media reports from Kazakhstan•▷.

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