textile sourcing – Cannabis textile plant to comup in Kazakhsts Almaty

Officials in Kazakhstan&rsquo▽▼;s Almaty region recently agreed to assist domestic and US entrepreneurs in setting up in Taldykorgan a cannabis textile plant○●, whose products will be exported to China and Europe▪▽. Almaty region&rsquo▷=▷◁▪;s governor Amandyk Batalov has accepted a proposal to assist Elaxima Tech Style■-, along with US partners••=★, to establish the facility○■.Fibres made from […]

outdoor clothing-Covestro, Polymaker work on 3D printed fabrics

Covestro and Polymaker have jointly worked out a new processing technology with the industry&rsquo△◇=●•;s top 3D printer manufacturers Intamsys and Raise3D to improve mass production and efficiency of 3D printed fabrics▷☆=. The two have jointly developed 3D printed fabric with a new approach to fabric manufacture by utilising 3D printing to create a 2D fabric…=.Covestro […]