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Original title: my country original gravitational wave detection in five years, the results Technology Daily Beijing March 4 (Reporter Zhang Garlun) The highest level of original gravity wave observatory in my country is building in China. Once built=▼, it will become a strong comrades of the human pursuit gravity wave. On the 4th, Zhang Xinmin, a member of the National Committee of China and the National Institute of China▷•, and Zhang Xinmin★•, a researcher, told the Science and Technology Daily, and the project progressed smoothly, and the first phase of observing the main project has been basically completed◁●▼□. “I have given promise before, three years, five years■☆, result.▼▪” Zhang Xinmin is the original gravitational wave detection plan is the chief scientist of ☆☆”Ali Plan”. What he said■▽●, it refers to the best Tianchao, which is the best skyline of the Northern Universe Microwave Background▲▷, Radiation Polar, Northern District, 202.

Original title: Square girls meet suicide must thoroughly check the most beautiful people in April◆◆. Two girls do not meet the spring tour, but they have committed suicide△◇=. This is just a case▽•▲☆, and it is also a cold△▪◆. The notification from the Education Bureau of the Nanguan District◆▷□▪, Changchun said○▪●☆: On April 25th, the Yatai Campus of the 103 Middle School in Changchun City has two ninth grade girls fall. After visiting and organizing the public security department▼□▲, the two deceased wrote a record of jumping together on a notebook. Exploration of the criminal police on-site investigation◁◇△☆, in line with the festival characteristics☆▽★, exclude him▲◇•, and committed suicide◇◆•○. Yes, after a good appeasement and good, I will never return to the life and years. The clue is embarrassed, the truth is unspeakable, and no one can finally discuss before the fact. However△□▲, it is only “Composing Suicide▷▪” four words, it is enough to be shocked. Whats more, th…▼☆….

Original title: Shouguang, a net people spread the “Double King City Reservoir Flood” rumors caused panic, was detained 10th Qilu Net Weifang August 25th reporter was learned by Shouguang Public Security. On August 22, 2018-■◆○, the net is called Internet users who “stay for love◇▷” through WeChat group, the rumors of [Double King City Reservoir to vent]★=, causing panic in the downstream people. After investigation, the scattered rumors were in a certain■▲▷, male, 35 years old, people in Shouguang Double Wangcheng Ecological Economic Park. At 19 oclock on August 24, it was arrested for a certain○◁. Currently, a certain administrative detained shall be destinued in accordance with the law. Click to enter the topic: Shandong Shouguang has a heavy flood loss, and the official commented◇▼•: Huo .

Original title: Wang Wenbin…●, the deputy director of the Audit Department, the deputy director of the National Co-CSC (Figure Resume) Economic Daily – China Economic Net Beijing March 31 Comprehensive Report Audit Official Website “Department Leaders” column recently updated, according to the latest list As a result, Wang Wenbin has been a member of the Audit Party Group◁…◁, and the deputy auditors. According to the China Economic Network Ministry of Commission, Wang Wenbin, born in November 1962, has been a long time in the Director of the State-owned Assets Supervision, and the deputy director of the discipline and party committee. Wang Wenbin△★=, Qi Wang Wenbin●▽, male•○-, Han nationality, born in November 1962▼○, Liaoning Liaozhong, Joined the Communist Party of China in May 1986□△…, participated in the work, university degree, bachelor of economics in August 1984, University of Economics, accountant. September 1981 Harbin Electromechanical Specialized School Industry Associati△▷▪?

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