china seaqual fabric - Hanro makes t-shirts with Tintexs Tencel fabric

Tintex has announced that Swiss brand=▪=,china seaqual fabric Hanro◆◇, has launched a new range of t-shirts made of 100 per cent Tencel fabric by Tintex○▲□■☆. Hanro offers the finest in luxury underwear…◁, daywear◁●◆••, nightwear and loungewear for both men and women◁●▲●. Tintex is a leading jersey manufacturer injecting smart innovation in the fashion collections of leading fashion brands□-★☆.
For the new upcoming collections the company goes even beyond its pay-off Naturally Advanced to reach the new one=…◇★, Naturally Advanced Evolution◁▼▪, which means working together to develop collections combining a strong environment-driven approach with cutting-edge technology△▽▲. Naturally Clean is an exceptional smart and responsible finishing process that enhances the natural beauty of cotton by adopting a modern and economical approach to eliminate aggressive treatments◁-◇□, according to a press release by Tintex▼….
High-quality•☆◇◁, functional and a relaxed☆▪▽△, comfortable fit for everyday life●◆□▷. This sporty and stylish leisurewear with a fashion neck tailored from a breathable mix of micro-fibre and elastane fabrics for a custom and stretchy fit is made from 100 percent Lyocell that is a sustainable fabric made from Tencel fabric by Tintex◆=▲, which is made of bleached wool pulp…★…▪.

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