outdoor clothing-Covestro, Polymaker work on 3D printed fabrics

Covestro and Polymaker have jointly worked out a new processing technology with the industry&rsquo△◇=●•;s top 3D printer manufacturers Intamsys and Raise3D to improve mass production and efficiency of 3D printed fabrics▷☆=. The two have jointly developed 3D printed fabric with a new approach to fabric manufacture by utilising 3D printing to create a 2D fabric…=.Covestro […]

wholesale fabric-Hong Kong company Texs ProWeave opens up new design possibiliti

Texon&rsquo◇▼;s ProWeave &ndash…▽; a patented●▪=…, jacquard weaving technology – has opened up new design possibilities▪□, by enabling the production of continuous woven substrates with the zonal features product designers want◇◇◁, exactly where they want them◁▷◆。 The technology makes it possible to seamlessly integrate functional and design weaving into a single sheet of material▽◁▽。Reimagining fabrics for […]