600Dx600D 72T recycled fabric in indigo color with 2x PU coating

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IGO textile is a 600Dx600D 72T recycled fabric in indigo color with 2x PU coating wholesaler in China. The material of this kind fabric is Polyester, the specifications is 600Dx600D 72T,  the treatments is PU coating second time, and the colour is  bluk or tailor-made dyed. OEM service is also available, high quality, reasonable price, quick delivery and excellent service” are the most important principles we are following. We will help you develop your market by the leading edge of applying latest green materials on your products.


Delivery: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF

Minimum order quantity: 2000 yards

Supply Ability: 100,000 yards / Month

Country of Origin: CHINA

Payment term: by T/T 30% as deposit, 70% before shipment

Lead Time: 30 Days

600Dx600D 72T recycled fabric in indigo color with 2x PU coating wholesaler

IGO Textile is an innovative company of eco-friendly fabric solutions ,600Dx600D 72T recycled fabric in indigo color with 2x PU coating as one kind of our fabric, the width of this fabric is about 150cm. After dyeing, coating, calendering, composite and other processes, it has the characteristics of thick, strong firmness,not easy to damage,soft luster, good waterproof, good durability and so on. After PU coating second time, suitable used for the production of luggage products, such as shopping bags, suitcases, hiking bags, satchels, bags, clothing, briefcases, fashion bags, storage boxes, handbags,decorations for vehicles and furniture and so on.The composition is 100% RPET, transaction Certificate (TC) available when order, Welcome to contact us to discuss more.


Name            : recycled fabric 600D 72T with PU coating,PU coating fabric
Model no.       : HYR2274
Material        : Polyester
Composition     : 100% RPET
Specifications  : 600Dx600D 72T
Colour          : bluk or tailor-made dyed
Treatments      : PU coating second time
Features        : PU coating fabric,recycled fabric 600D, recycled fabric 600D 72T with PU coating for bags and apparel,PU coating fabric
Width           : 150cm
GRS certificate : Transaction Certificate (TC) available when order


applications of recycled PET fabrics


The development prospect of recycled fabrics

Recycling 1 ton of waste fabric is equivalent to reducing 3.2 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Compared with landfill or incineration, recycling waste material can save land resources, protect the environment and reduce crude oil consumption. Therefore, to protect the environment, the development of renewable environmental fabric is a very effective measure.
At the beginning of development, recycled non-woven fabrics, recycled textiles or a relatively new concept in the market, there are only a handful of recycled fabric manufacturers.
But after a few years of development, recycled fabric has gradually become a common product in ordinary people’s homes. At present, recycled fabrics are more popular in the European and American markets. Recycled fabrics will be a big blue sea in the textile industry in the coming decades. The development of recycled fabrics is bound to make rapid progress in the future, which is also an opportunity that must be seized by textile enterprises.


A lot of case and bags are used in polyester fabric

Cases and bags also have higher requirements for the wear resistance of fabric (bag daily causes and other items frequent friction), and now the production technology is progressing, many fabrics are actually waterproof, it is because of this, this kind of fabric has been widely used. Common case fabrics are nylon, polyester, Oxford and denim. Polyester fabric is a kind of chemical fiber fabric used in daily life. It has high strength and elastic recovery ability, so it is firm, durable and wear-resistant. At present, a lot of luggage bags are used in this fabric.

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