Mesh fabric made of recycled PET polyester mingled with SEAQUAL recycled fibres

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IGO Textile is the first professional supplier of SEAQUAL fabrics within China.. We can blend SEAQUAL YARN with Spandex, Recycled Cotton, Organic Cotton, Tencel, or RPET yarn in our factories for your special applications.


Delivery: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF

Minimum order quantity: 1000 yards

Supply Ability: 100,000 yards / Month

Country of Origin: CHINA

Payment term: by T/T 50% as deposit, balance 50% before shipment

Lead Time: 90 Days


Mesh fabric made of recycled PET polyester mingled with SEAQUAL recycled fibres


We are a RPET polyester fabric manufacturer in China. This mesh fabric is made of 75% Recycled PET polyester mingled with 25% SEAQUAL® YARN recycled fibres. It is designed for insole and lining of shoes, also suitable for garments, accessories and homewear. It is grey cloth, can be used as it is or dyed in specific pantone color. Printing and sublimation are accepted for your tailor-made designs. It is weft knit circular fabric in 63 inches width and 120gsm. By applying it in your products you can help reduce plastic pollution in the oceans.

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SEAQUAL Textile Certification No.: SY025CK2200519


Name             : weft knit circular seaqual fabric mesh fabric for clothing
Model no.       : MR-P2204-15
Material          : SEAQUAL YARN, seaqual fabric
Composition   : 25% SEAQUAL YARN + 75% RPET
Specifications : 50dtex, Full Dull, standard DTY yarn, weft knitted mesh fabric
Colour            : greige or customized dyed
Treatments       : dyed
Features          : seaqual fabric, mesh fabric, weft knitted, seaqual fabric, mesh fabric, weft knitted,
Width             : 63 inches
Weight            : 120 gsm
SEAQUAL logo : hang tags available when order


More information about IGO textile and SEAQUAL FABRICS:


IGO textile is a SEAQUAL recycled PET polyester mesh fabric supplier in China.

SEAQUAL YARN is originated first by spinning, a process employing a heated mechanical spinneret with little holes to melt solid chips of recycled plastic materials. By the way long filaments are created to be spun into yarns, which are woven or knitted into SEAUQAL fabrics by textile mills.

SEAQUAL fabrics are very soft, flexible, comfortable, and quick dry with excellent moisture properties. It can be dyed easily and shows the best colors.


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