100D RPET polyester with shining colorful finish coating China manufacturer

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IGO textile is a professional eco-friendly materials manufacturer in China.
In the past 17 years, we insist on developing various recycled fabric and dedicated to upgrade your products with sustainable and green fashion.


Delivery: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF
Minimum order quantity: 2000 yards
Supply Ability: 100,000 yards / Month
Country of Origin: CHINA
Payment term: by T/T 30% as deposit, 70% before shipment
Lead Time: 30 Days

100D RPET polyester with shining colorful finish coating manufacturer, China


We are 100D RPET polyester with shining colorful finish coating manufacturer in China to support eco-friendly products. In the past 17 years, we keep our eyes on all kinds of sustainable materials, committed to increase your products added value. 100D RPET polyester fabric made from cleaned Bottles, Bottles are shredded into pellets, Pelltes are crushed and melted, Melted plastic is spun into thread. Finally, Thread woven into fabric. So, design your own products in consideration of  using our RPET polyester fabric. As we all know, the eco-friendly material is trend, when you choose to use RPET in your products, you can expand your market in the business.

Do you know how to judge if 100D RPET polyester is suitable for your products? There are two methods for your reference. On one hand, you can browse our website to know the general details of fabric, if the swatches are required, you can contact us and leave recipent’s contact informations. One the other hand, if convenience, you can send us the prictures of your products, we’ll help you to tell if 100D RPET fabric is workable and provide our professional suggestions.


Name            : 100D RPET polyester with shining colorful finish coating China manufacturer
Model no.       : HYR2616
Material        : Polyester
Composition     : 100% RPET
Specifications  : 100D
Colour          : colorful shining
Treatments      : surface lamination
Features        : colorful shining lamination 100D RPET polyester for bags and apparel, RPET polyester
Width           : 150cm
GRS certificate : Transaction Certificate (TC) available when order


applications of recycled PET fabrics


Recycled fabric’s application for colorful shining lamination 100D RPET polyester

In order to meet market’s demands, we focus more on market and fashion trend. We treated the 100D RPET polyester specially whose surface has colorful shining lamination. Through colorful shining effect, adding aesthetic feeling on the basis of  environmental protection. Meanwhile the usage range of 100D RPET polyester fabric is wide, which is applicable for Apparel, Fashion Clothing, Sportswear, Workwear, Bags, Home Textiles, Upholstery, Accessories, etc.


The benefits of RPET

Sustainability is becoming more desirable as consumers consider where the fabric of their products comes from and where it is going. Brands have strong aware of their environmental impact. Those who don’t could face a consumer backlash or boycott. From a business perspective, introducing more rPET means a business can identify with a broader customer base and increase sales by meeting the recycled demand and sustainable efforts. In addition, rPET use leads to greater demand and market for recycled plastics which will increase material supply and lower costs – a win-win for business and the environment.

Not only to provide 100D RPET polyester fabric but also to make product with recycled fabric to active your own brand. We will be the reliable manufacturer to support you run faster in the market. If you would like to make your own brand more competitive, please contact us to discuss more.

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