210D recycled nylon oxford fabric lemon yellow color for bags and apparel supplier

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We are IGO textile manufacturer in China, we customize recycled nylon oxford fabrics and other types eco-friendly fabric for brands. Browse to view more and contact us to know more.

Delivery: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF
Minimum order quantity: 2000 yards
Supply Ability: 100,000 yards / Month
Country of Origin: CHINA
Payment term: by T/T 30% as deposit, 70% before shipment
Lead Time: 30 Days

210D recycled nylon oxford fabric lemon yellow color for bags and apparel supplier

We are an recycled nylon oxford fabric supplier to personalizes recycled nylon oxford fabric for brands. Before providing correct fabric for your own brand, we will offer different specifications for your selection. So that you could select and confirm which one is workable for you. And then we will put your own logo on fabrics to customize your designs or items.
Our aim as a fabric supplier is not only to OEM. But also to accompany brands to be more and more valuable and successful. Therefore, we’ll keep studying knowledge of fabric & textile so that we can give you superior service and professional suggestions. Meanwhile, to guarantee the reality and traceability of recycled material, the Transaction Certificate can be applied to Control Union and show to you if required.


Name            :210D recycled nylon oxford fabric lemon yellow color for bags and apparel
Model no.       : HYRN9003
Material        : Nylon
Composition     : 100% recycled nylon
Specifications  : 210D
Colour          : yellow or tailor-made dyed
Treatments      : PU coating one time
Features        : recycled nylon, 210D oxford fabric, recycled nylon 210D oxford fabric for bags and apparel
Width           : 150cm
GRS certificate : Transaction Certificate (TC) available when order


applications of recycled nylon fabrics

210D recycled nylon oxford fabric

Nylon Oxford fabric, which woven by water jet loom. After dyeing and finishing, coating process, the grey cloth has the advantages of soft feel, strong drape, novel style, good waterproof performance, surface of grey cloth has gloss. Because of its good quality and novel design, it is deeply loved by users. Listed color has dark blue, light black, tiger yellow, dark green and other different types, and can be batch dyed according to customer needs of different colors.


The definition of “D” in textile industry

“D” is the abbreviation of DENIER (denier), which is a method of expressing the fineness of chemical fibers. It is the fineness unit of the fiber. The larger the D, the thicker the yarn, the heavier the quality, and the thicker the thickness. On the contrary, the smaller the D, the thinner the yarn, the lighter the weight, and the thinner the thickness. Generally speaking, the larger the D, the thicker the fabric and the better the scratch resistance and wear resistance.

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