190T RPET polyester taffeta fabric in indigo color China supplier

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IGO textile is a 190T RPET polyester taffeta fabric in indigo color China supplier in China. We are specialized and professional in eco-friendly materials and dedicated to upgrade your products with sustainable and green fashion. We will help you develop your market by the leading edge of applying latest green materials on your products.


Delivery: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF

Minimum order quantity: 2000 yards

Supply Ability: 100,000 yards / Month

Country of Origin: CHINA

Payment term: by T/T 30% as deposit, 70% before shipment

Lead Time: 30 Days

190T RPET polyester taffeta fabric in indigo color China supplier

We are a 190T RPET polyester taffeta fabric in indigo color China supplier ,To become a renowned OEM supplier and advisor helping our customers achieve their environmental goals in procurement.The treatment of this fabric is PU coating one time, it is used in evening dresses, ribbons, couture fashion, chiffon, georgette, umbrellas, and in the linings of academic hoods. Softer taffetas is often used in a variety of linings, and even sometimes in electrical insulation.  The color is blue or tailor-made dyed, welcome to contact us for more detail.

Name            : RPET 190T polyester fabric,RPET fabric
Model no.       : HYR-D602
Material        : Polyester
Composition     : 100% RPET
Specifications  : 190T polyester fabric
Colour          : blue or tailor-made dyed
Treatments      : PU coating one time
Features        : RPET fabric, RPET 190T polyester fabric for bags and apparel, RPET 190T polyester,RPET fabric
Width           : 150cm
GRS certificate : Transaction Certificate (TC) available when order


applications of recycled PET fabrics


What is RPET polyester taffeta fabric

RPET Polyester taffeta is made to imitate silk taffeta, which is one of the oldest luxury fabrics in the world, dating to the third century when it was woven by Persian artisans. Applications using polyester taffeta run the gamut from high fashion to insulation. Polyester taffeta is fine, tightly-woven, and made in a plain, flat weave with approximately the same number of yarns in both directions. Taffeta can be soft or stiff, and either light or medium in weight. Polyester taffeta can come in a wide range of colors which include metallic hues, and has a lustrous surface.


Polyester taffeta resists stretching and sagging

Polyester taffeta is naturally UV-resistant and has a low moisture retention rating, allowing moisture to dry rapidly. Polyester taffeta resists stretching and sagging. Polyester taffeta is often put through a moire finish, which gives the taffeta a wavy or rippled pattern which resembles the appearance of light through water. Usually produced in automated weaving facilities, and put through either a yarn or batch dying process. Yarn dying taffeta usually produces a heavier, stiffer taffeta which produces a distinct rustle. Batch-dyed taffeta is usually far softer, and is usually used as insulation or linings.

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