yarn - Canclini 1925 presents eco-innovation driven Techno Shirt

With Techno Shirt■…□, Canclini 1925 is revolutionising world of fabrics for shirts through a line which brings together high performance of technical fabrics with traditional and formal look▪■◁○. The combination between technological innovation and made in Canclini creativity○▷▽●○, Techno Shirt restyles traditional concept of shirt in a modern◇▲●, trendy and green version▷○□▷.

It is a collection where technology•◇□…◇, performance and eco-innovation are merged□☆, based on an approach which expresses a research and development pathway intrinsic to the essence of the Canclini 1925 product ranges◆◆○■◆.

What really makes Techno Shirt extraordinary is also the great versatility of this product range=-▪★, which consists of three lines▼○: Biker△▷◆▪, Performante and Dice=◆. These three creations are entirely manufactured using man-made fibres◁▼●■, and they are able to combine the style background of the company from Como with the highest technical performances□▼•.

For example the use of polyamide with its intrinsic ability to absorb and manage humidity•●△=, allows for thermal regulation by the body and for garment transpiration◇☆. These characteristics make the Techno Shirt range a line capable of introducing fabrics which offer both wellbeing and comfort◆•▼: thin•=●-=, soft and always impeccable…○, even after having been used for hours●●○.

These garments are so extraordinarily lightweight and soft that they can be worn like a second skin•□▷-, perfectly following all the movements of the body without ever giving up on elegance◇•☆◆◆. Lastly□◁▽•▲, they are very easy to wash and they dry very rapidly▲□, as well as require minimal ironing◁–•●. As a consequence◆◆■▪, the performance levels of the most technical fabrics meet the traditional outfit▷◆, provides an answer to modern-day men&rsquo☆◆■□;s requirements in terms of comfort…●•, flexibility and high yield in shirts★■.

A great point of strength of this line are the three projects which make up the whole range●○, each of them focused on absolutely unique requirements▼▷-△★, style and functions■△=: Biker▲□-•▷, a fabric produced with a shuttle loom□◇; Performante☆△, a fabric which is knitted but printed in order to give it the typical yarn-dyed effects◁●•◆; and Dice▷★=•, a knitwear fabric△•△■.

Biker is made of 88 per cent polyamide and 12 per cent elastane◇◆. It is an innovative fabric for men&rsquo□◇▷;s shirts☆◆▽. The items in this range have preserved the Canclini 1925 cotton soul▷…▲•□, although with a future-oriented approach■▼▽, resulting in a unique patented fabric where a recycled nylon fabric is used◇=. This approach has been chosen in order to keep focusing strongly on product sustainability exactly because plastic materials…●▷, more specifically polyamide fibres▼☆◆, can be recycled indefinitely without ever becoming waste▼◇○▽, thus continuously regenerating their life cycle▽△. For the weft of Biker▽◁•●, a Nylon 6▪□,6 fibre is used▼●•, obtained due to the mechanical regeneration of waste raw materials from the manufacturing company and so this range has obtained the prestigious GRS certification (Global Recycled Standard)◆◆☆★▪.

GRS is an actual environmental statement▲•••, verified by third-party organisations which includes all products made at least with 20 per cent recycled materials□■, in this case pre-use recycling★…△◁. Biker has also

been filed as a Utility Model patent▷☆★•★, confirming the undoubtable innovative content of the product▷•◆◁◁. Moreover☆•◇○, for this special fibre▷◆★, an ad-hoc finishing has been studied◁…•, which gives it a pleasant▼…△□, bi-stretch and crisp hand◆•, even though the garment always remains extremely pleasant and warm to the touch☆◇-. With Biker▼●▷, shirts too can finally include all the characteristics of sports garments and technical apparel★△☆▲.

The Performante fabric is a run-proof and innovative item△▽▼•, unique in terms of the performance levels it can achieve▲=☆▼, due to its cutting-edge composition-▼☆●▲: 27 per cent Lycra and 73 per cent polyamide fibre◆▲▽. It is a product manufactured using Nylon 6 (33dtex titre with 28 threads)□▪★•, with a patented textile structure allowing for a reduction of the fabric thickness by as much as 50 per cent○▷▪◆. Thanks to the use of digital printing◁◆•, the range includes patterns and shapes which are truly surprising and that feature three-dimensional effects●▪-◁, with the pattern printed directly on the fabric surface◆=, using acid and pre-metallised colourings for a perfect colour yield▽■. Performante▪•▲▽, therefore○■◆□=, offers a contemporary□△•, streamlined and homogeneous look◇■□◁, combined with extremely comfortable and practical wearability○●▽□△. Lightweight but resistant◁★■□-, natural to the touch but impalpable◆△●○, it is characterised by unprecedented body fit-▼◆.

Dice is the Techno Shirt line made of yarn-dyed jersey▪▼, consisting of 91 per cent polyamide and 9 per cent elastane○◇-▼, combined with the traditional colours of high-end shirts for example sky-blue□★▷▷, navy▽★•, grey and black□◇◁, with micro armature and false plains●•=. Within this range■▲●□, hyper-traditional graphics meet a technical fabric for an unexpected and successful combination■◁▲=. Dice is ideal for all traditional outfits which can be extremely versatile and highly performing◇●▷.

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