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Original title: [Interpretation] Chinas anti-attack ●☆-…”boots landing”, intended to ●☆△”knock the mountain shock” China mainly targeted the US agriculture, but the United States targeted Chinas high-tech industry◆•▼. China-US announced (proposed) taxation list…•. According to the Ministry of Finance, the State Councils Tariff Tax Council decided to stop the tariff dismissal obligation of some imported goods originating in the United States, which is implemented from April 2☆•, 2018▼▪. The Ministry of Finance TAF announced that China will stop the tariff dismissions of the 7-class 128 imported goods from the United States from April 2, 2018. This 128 items include 120 fruits and products, as well as 8 pork and products. The Ministry of Finance shows that this initiative is to respond to the US levy high steel tariff (ie 232 measures) and maintain Chin.

Today (May 27), Liaoning Yingkou City held an epidemic prevention and control press conference◇◁, deputy mayor of Yingkou Municipal Peoples Government Notified in the press conference•=●●. According to the Notice of the State Councils response to the new coronary virus infection with pneumonia epidemic situation on adjustment of new crown pneumonia epidemic partition grading standards to implement accurate control measures (Guo Power Generation [2020] No•=. 11), in accordance with the research of the overall command of the Liaoning Provincial Epidemic Prevention Opinions, the principle agreed that the Yingkou City is divided into three batches of adjustment risk level★▼☆•. The first batch of regions adjusted to low-risk is the 14th day of closed management, and Yangdian Village…=, Chen Yumi Town, Gaizhou City, Xiongue Town◆△△, Xiongue Town, Kuma Town, Beitun Community, Beiguan Community▼-■…, Shengli Village Lih.

Original title-○•: Yunnan escaping involved in the drug and death, Zeng San Jie jaiban Xinyang News Yunnan Dehong State is committed to the Huang Dejun in the 22nd, at 3:30 on the 22nd••, it escaped on the way. At present, Yunnan police are rewarding◁•●. The Beijing News reporter has discovered that the Huang Deman was sentenced four times before being sentenced to death, and he was imprisoned three times. From 2003 to 2016●▽-, Huang Dejun was more than 8 years in prison. The Beijing News has previously reported that 3:30 in the 22nd, the Dehong Prefecture detention center of Yunnan Province is slow, and it is going to the toilet when the toilet is turned to the toilet from the detention center★…▷•. The Beijing News reporter learned from the Dehong Prefecture Detention Center that the local public security system is now rewarding□◁. On October 21, 2016…•, Huang Dejun was suspected of transporting drugs and was hungy borde▼▽.

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