textile factory-Teijin Frontier launches soft, tear-resistant sportswear

Teijin Frontier◁○•▼, Teijin Group&#39◆◆▽;s fibres and products converting company••◆•, has launched a lightweight▲–, tear-resistant and flat-surfaced fabric that is soft●▼△, eco-friendly &amp◁▲▼; abrasion-resistant□◇, making it ideal for sportswear★▷▪▲•. The company will promote it as a key product for 2021 S/S sports and outdoor collections●▲△☆, targeting sales for a wide range of applications◇=◇-.

Teijin Frontier envisions its new fabric finding diverse applications in high-function wear□★▷, such as sports and outdoor wear●◆, fashionwear=△…▽, school and corporate uniforms and more▼●◆.

Woven rip-stop fabric in which thick yarns are arranged in a checkered pattern is commonly used as a lightweight•□, tear-resistant fabrics for sports and outdoor wear…◆▽. Current fabrics•◆☆-□, however★▪○, have various problems in terms of hard textures■==●◁, uneven surfaces in checked patterns▼•=, sometimes resulting in snagging★…, and low resistance to abrasion◁■=. The market has been demanding new design methods to produce rip-stop fabrics offering distinctive functions■□▼★, appearances and textures◁□◁.

In response-●■■, Teijin Frontier has adopted a thin△◇=○•, high-tenacity polyester yarn and applied innovative yarn arrangement and weaving density to produce a lightweight and highly tear-resistant fabric that is ideally suited for sports and outdoor wear with its flat●△, even surface•◁, soft texture and high resistance to abrasion and snagging=☆●-.

Teijin is a technology-driven global group offering advanced solutions in the areas of environmental value▷★, safety□•◇□…, security and disaster mitigation…◇◇; and demographic change and increased health consciousness■■★▪. Its main fields of operation are high-performance fibres such as aramid■-…, carbon fibres and composites☆●-=, healthcare●•, films▽=◇•, resin &amp▼■…▷; plastic processing▽◆=▼●, polyester fibres•…★□, products converting and IT▲★△•☆.

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