retailer - Yunsa offers comfort & elegance with stretch wool fabrics

Europe&rsquo-□;s largest integrated manufacturer of high-segment wool fabric Y&uuml-△★;nsa is offering stretchable wool suit fabrics to world ready-made clothing giants○▲=…▪. The fabric range is comfortable yet gives an elegant look to the men working all day long in the office●□○. The wool fabrics provide comfort while maintaining moisture balance in human bodies★△•▷•.

Men do not prefer wearing suits made from uncomfortable fabrics besides the intensive work tempos that they face during the day△•, according to Y&uuml★◆▷-;nsa sales and marketing director Bora Birgin★□●. Adjusting the body environment relationship best with its breathing structure…==●●, wool may be used in all seasons▷◁■▪, not just in winter as everyone thinks thanks to this natural conditioning feature◁▷□. Wool□□◇■, which is a premium product with its naturalness and quality○…◁, also comes to the forefront with its durable structure▽▲. Wool is durable as well as it does not limit the freedom of movement and is a flexible fibre at the same time★▽▼▪. That makes wool the most optimal fabric for suits=◇…▽,&quot=★▽□☆; said Birgin★…◁▲.

Nowadays★•, men prefer a way of dressing that is more comfortable•▼□▽▽, stylish■▼, modern and convenient both in the office and in the social environment▼◇, said Birgin adding that we used pastel pinks▪-▲, yellow and burgundy tones in the collection☆★▽•▽. &quot▽▪…•★;We have prioritised modern items of lycra and linen fabrics as well as cotton fabrics•■•. For example☆•▼, modern jacket fabrics are included in this collection to be combined with Chino pants▪■.&quot○▽▷▷◁; (RR)

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