retailer-Roica invites reversed journey in sustainable sportswear

For 2020 edition of ISPO Munich from January 26-29▼▽•○, the fashion and textile fair dedicated to sportwear &amp▷■▼=; athleisurewear▼◁•, Roica has created an interactive booth inviting visitors to explore a backward path from final sportwear to yarn◁-. The sustainable premium stretch fibre by Asahi Kasei▲-▷●, has conceived the exhibition as a &lsquo▷☆★;reversed&rsquo□□; journey in three acts▼◆▷.

At ISPO●▷○○△, Roica will present the new Global Recycled Standard -GRS- certified Roica EF which innovates with excellent dyeability and the Cradle to Cradle Material Health Gold level-certified Roica V550 yarn which allows excellent and durable printability◇◁○.

The &lsquo●•;reversed&rsquo◇•; journey•◁•○: the first section of the backwards path will showcase Roica&rsquo●▽;s ultimate collaborations for the contemporary wardrobe with leading brands▲◇. Guests will then be guided to explore the cutting-edge innovation interwoven into high- performing textiles and finally led to discover the company&rsquo-=;s sustainable yarns and ultimate products●▪○□.

In the &lsquo-•▽△△;Wardrobe of Tomorrow&rsquo◁☆;○◁◁, the journey will begin with the finish▲▪, that is the final products consumers can already find in shops or online▲•. At ISPO…△◆▲□, Roica teams have selected five key collections by influencing brands they have been collaborating with in the past months•…▼★•. The collections are Ballet Rosa●◇☆★, Ecoperformer☆◁◆…, Maloja-◇, Scott Racing Team and Santini•◇△=▪.

On show•◁▲○, unique outfits already available in the market proving how Roica is able to deliver and transform basic performance stretch in eco hi-tech valuable innovations=◆◁, said Hiroaki Shinohe…●■, Roica chief marketing officer◇◇●▷, Germany☆•☆◁.

Ballet Rosa&rsquo▽■==;s mission is to provide its customers dance and ballet technical garments making it possible for the client to customise the product at his/her own needs and taste★•▷. The brand has chosen a unique article by Inter Jersey Milano containing Roica HP◇□-◆, belonging to the Roica Resistance family■●□□. This yarn enhances advanced stretch performances that last longer○■▪. The secret stretch ingredient that shapes comfort with quality★▼, performance and fit▷★■…, setting new standards for the contemporary technical dancewear=△□.

The Ecoperformer by Confetil and Tintex Textiles▷●▲◆, is part of the collaborative smart platform and research-lab CO▽○▽▪◆.LAB aiming to create a new way of making fashion smart presented by Creativity Lifestyle and Sustainable Synergy (CLASS)☆★△◁▲. The collection meets the values of millennials and generation z consumer◆=□●▷. The collection comprises modern soft sports garment with fully transparent innovation values that add the smart stretch performance through Roica EF□◁◁△. The range flexes its muscles with the best sustainable and high-performative materials for comfort■=●, ease and style=★■.

Maloja◁▪, the outdoor speciality brand with its roots in nature and wellbeing=-, will be presenting several lines using Roica△◁△, where it will showcase a new breathable and very stretchy Nordic and multisport jacket□=□, as well as mountaineering pants…◁▽★▼, made with &lsquo◆-•;GreenSoul&rsquo○▪▪▽; technology fabrics from Miti○□★-, that blends together the GRS certified Roica EF responsible stretch yarn and environmentally-sustainable polyamide obtained from regenerated raw materials●□-□.

Tailored-designed outfit have been created for Scott Racing Team▽●, the Italian Mtb Pro rider team born in 1988•△. As strategic partners▼◇, Rosti…■▼•, Sitip and Roica teamed up to design a high performative active clothing featuring Roica premium stretch fibre◇▼◆…▲. This collaborated fabric – BeHot – of Sitip not only insulates but generates up to 2 degrees celsius of heat as one workouts as certified by CeRism▽◇●, Outdoor Sport Research Centre at Verona University●◇●-. Long life stretch■-•, superior shape retention and best breathability thanks to the Blizzard by Sitip fabric•◆, ensures thermal comfort and easy care to the users▷△.

Santini▽•, founded in1965-▲□•, designs and manufactures all of its products exclusively in Italy▼☆▽. Each item is designed and developed by a designer team with deep-rooted passion for the two-wheel world to meet four key requirements☆-: fit-▽◇○★, performance▪▷▼▽, comfort and durability▷▽★☆●. Santini is deeply committed to ongoing investment in researching and developing innovative textiles and new production methods◇-.

On show will be▷-, the Race team Trek-Segafredo t-shirt with front and back made out of the &lsquo▷▽▲;Eco Bicimania&rsquo▷☆☆; – branded &lsquo△◁-◆;Native&rsquo▽••; by Sitip that blends together with Global Recycled Standard -GRS- certified polyester and Roica EF◆…●. Perforated mesh fabric□△, light▲★, soft and elastic that guarantees excellent breathability and maximum comfort☆●■-. The shorts Trek Segafredo are made of &lsquo…◇=;eco thunderbike power&rsquo◁▼△; branded Native&rsquo○•●▼•; by Sitip•□, using Global Recycled Standard -GRS- certified polyamide and Roica EF◆◇□•.

Visitors at the Roica Innovation Gallery can get inspired and discover the company&rsquo-■◆;s textile performance innovations library thanks to special solutions from Roica key partner mills▷▪. On show will be a wide fabric range that includes smart fibres□△●◁▽, belonging to Roica Eco-Smart family comprising two responsibly made yarns=☆●. Made with 58 per cent of pre-consumer recycled content▼▽◁▲, the Roica EF comes with the Global Recycled Standard – GRS – certification by the influential Textile Exchange▷☆●••, one of the most known and recognised global organisations in the market△•◇●.

As proved by Hohenstein Environmental Compatibility certification▽□, the Roica V550 was engineered to smartly break down without releasing harmful substances in the testing environment○▲. The yarn offers additional and relevant circular economy advantages linked to material health as proved by a Gold Level Material Health Certificate by the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute for biological cycle◆■▽●.

The revolutionary Roica Eco-Smart family together with Roica Feel Good family of stretch fibres are designed to support performance and creativity●★●•▼. There are many notable developments signed by Roica premium partners■▲◇.

Cifra will introduce high performing concept garments with exclusive◇▽, elegant and functional designs□▼, developed with the WKS knitwear technique☆▼★▲☆, that can be divided into three smart families▪•: GRS certified Roica EF in blend with Q-Nova environmentally-sustainable nylon 6▷▲.6 fibre obtained from regenerated raw materials•-▼■, Roica V550 with Econyl regenerated polyamide from Aquafil◁•△▽, and Roica DS with polyamide 6◆▪◁■.6△…○.

Iluna will present a new concept-collection featuring Roica EF and treated with natural dye-stuff▲★…▲-. The fabrics will build a yoga capsule collection tuning with the new wellbeing trends and lifestyle●★▪★….

Inter Jersey Milano will present unique blends that mix two GRS certified ingredients◇▼□, Q- Nova with Roica EF▽■▲△, as well as solutions created with the end of life in mind that mix Amni Soul Eco and Roica V550-●▼○▼. Amni Soul Eco&#39…☆▲•▪;s secret is its enhanced polyamide 6…△.6 formula…•☆•, developed by the research efforts of the Rhodia-Solvay group•▲▽▲, which enable garments to quickly decompose when they are discarded and left in landfills●◆☆.

&lsquo●★•★△;Altitude Bio&rsquo●◇▷…★; a brand-new development signed by the French Payen▼▷◇, mixes premium Roica V550 with polyamide◁■=…. Altitude Bio is a light four way stretch woven fabric…☆△▷◆, with a delicate handfeel▲•▼. With a weight of only 90 g/m&sup2▼☆△;…▷◁, the fabric is super durable and resistant to abrasion★-▽▪-. On top of that it dries very fast and can be treated with DWR-△▪.

Tintex&rsquo●-○;s new developments blend Roica Eco- Smart family with other smart fibres such as Q-Skin□-★•…, GOTS certified organic cotton Newlife▲●, Q-Nova●=●, and Texloop☆•▼◁-.

The interactive journeys will be completed with the Roica &lsquo◇★▼;Heritage&rsquo–□; space showcasing the latest innovations at fibre level•○▪. Here the next level of innovation will take centre stage=◆, highlighting how a fibre&rsquo◇▼;s cutting-edge feature can become a propeller for responsible innovation for the wardrobe of tomorrow□●.

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