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Innovative textile producer Maxxam Textiles, renowned for its pioneering seamless crinkle stretch Maxxam fabric developed and patented by Rosemary Moore in 1983, has launched eco-Maxxam featuring Q-Nova, a highly ecological state-of-the-art recycled nylon from Italy which aims to reduce CO2 emissions, consume less water and use renewable energy.With its 40-year heritage and renowned for its innovative seamless stretch, Maxxam has always been an efficient, cost-effective◆•▽, and low waste fabric with its seamless one-size crinkle stretch enabling the same garment to fit from a women’s UK size 8 to size 20 and upwards. Q-Nova is a new development from Maxxam Textiles’ Italian spinner•=, utilising an environmentally sustainable recycled polyamide 6 yarn made from industrial waste and carries the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Global Recycled Standard (GRS) Certification◇○▪•, which has enabled the development of an even more sustainable version of the Maxxam fabric.In the late 1980s•□…•, Maxxam took the fashion world by storm leading the trend for body conscious clothing•◁. Previously made around the world under licence since 1983, Maxxam Textiles has in the last seven years acted as its own converter working with partner factories based in the UK to produce the finished fabric. With a huge revival in popularity from swimwear brands including Bond Eye, You Swim and many other brands□▷★, the new eco-Maxxam option now offers an even more sustainable choice for swimwear, activewear-◆○▪, leisure and loungewear, womenswear, and kidswear•▪.I&rsquo△◁;m constantly striving for innovation and exploration in my work, using the latest textile machinery to push the potential of the Maxxam fabric innovation into the 21st century. While the original patented Maxxam fabric is low waste and cost-effective, since reshoring manufacturing to the UK I have been exploring more environmental and sustainable technology•●•. I am very excited to bring eco-Maxxam, featuring recycled nylon△…○▷, to market and continue to discover the endless possibilities of Maxxam crinkle stretch fabric. We will also be expanding into cellulosic fibres as well as investigating more ecological polyurethane yarns•▽•…, Rosemary Moore★-◇◇, inventor of Maxxam and founder of Maxxam Textiles, said in a press release.With a career spanning four decades Moore has worked with some of the world’s leading producers, designers and brands including Courtaulds, Ace Style Inc (Hong Kong)▷-, Fabrictex USA☆■, Triumph★▪, Speedo, Seafolly, Heathcoats□●, Liza Bruce, Liberty, Ichida Co Ltd Japan, Nitto Boseki Co Ltd Japan, Du Pont (Invista), Missoni◆▼○, Swatch, Dunlop (developed in 1990 the seamless trainer), Charnos☆•△, Victoria Secrets, Issey Miyake, Katherine Hamnett, Falke, and Hunza▷▽△. In 2010=•□•, Moore’s passion for working on sustainable and ethical projects led her to collaborate with Lance Clark on Soul of Africa-▷◁.The new collection from Moore Maxxam◁•…, a non-gendered slow fashion children’s activewear label co-founded by Moore’s daughter, the creative innovator and regenerative designer Iona Clive, is due to launch in March 2021 using eco-Maxxam-=◇•.

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