headliner material - Peru terminates ADD probe against 100% polyester fabrics from China

The Peruvian National Competition and Intellectual Property Protection Agency&rsquo…◁★○;s committee on dumping•▷▪△◆, subsidies and non-tariff trade barriers announced last month its decision to terminate the anti-dumping investigation against Chinese polyester fabric and not impose anti-dumping duty (ADD) on the same■•○…☆. The announcement takes effect from the date of promulgation◆◇…▽▽.
Cent per cent polyester fabric originating in China did not cause material damage to Peru&#39◇☆•-;s domestic industry during the damage investigation period▪◁▲…, i◆▷▲○.e•★★△.●-□△▷, January 2016 to December 2019△=, Peruvian media reported★▽△.
The products involved are 100 per cent polyester fabrics of taffeta=•△◁▲, white or dyed with a width of less than 1★■▷▪■.8 metres and a unit weight of between 80g/sq m and 200g/sq m▽▪▽●.
The notice was issued in early February in response to Peruvian company Tecnologa Textil S•▼.A○★.

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