fabric manufactuer - Eurojersey unveils the SS 2022 beachwear collection

Eurojersey has launched the SS 2022 beachwear collection of sensitive fabrics with the new &lsquo■△=;Rexistance&rsquo■●●; advertising campaign…◆•. Warp-knitted and endowed with three-dimensional stretch◁•○, quick-drying and tested for shape and colour retention◁○▼•, Sensitive Fabrics are fruit of an innovative technology for manufacturing protective and versatile swimwear★■.
Ideal for the production of swimwear thanks to their second-skin effect-▲△◁◇, Sensitive Fabrics are highly performing and able to guarantee a 50+ sun protection factor●★▽▼, breathability and an elevated resistance▷○, ten times higher than that of other fabrics•▷☆○☆, to the detrimental effects of chlorinated water◁▲-▪…, sun creams□…=★◁, and heat▲◇▷◆, according to a press release by Eurojersey◁▼-•▽.
The five trends being presented stem from the versatility of Sensitive Fabrics○▼◁; Botanical•□☆▪, Artistic Abstract•◇, Wild Tropical▼◇☆□, Incised Opulence=◇, and Softly Retro☆◆▲☆. Themes are played out between the charm of the past and a desire for the future•▲▽★▪, poised between art and nature▪-, enwrapped in an elegance of romantic glamour or sophisticated refinement…◁•, and characterised by the contrasting effects of subtle nuances and assertive shades●◇.
Botanical Trend has floral patterns that spark new emotions and generate a new-found sensation of rebirth▲•◆☆. A timeless charm evokes a new season in a contemporary vision▷=△◁. Refined and graceful motifs challenge the desire for beauty in an intermingling of sophisticated hues borrowed from a botanical palette▷▲=•▼. The charm of lilac and lavender are offset by the timeless touch of violet orchid nuances☆▼★, olive green★-, and sizzling orangey pink▷▼•.
Artistic Abstract Trend features abstract geometric motifs spread contagiously to total wear◆□-▽, from garments to accessories and even swimsuits▷-, as it plays with timeless colour combinations▪■. Atlantic blue▷☆=▪△, deep yellow and bright red break away from traditional palette restrictions and meet up in complex chromatic balancing acts with black and white△◇□=, resulting in a colour block effect○▲.
Wild Tropical Trend prints are increasingly cool…▷, impacting▪=★●•, and persuasive★-▷○, set out to conquer beaches and coastal haunts○▽, in colour interpretations borrowed from nature•●○=△. Revisited in the brightest hues with patterns intentionally enlarged and inspired by a jungle vibe□•▷. Artistic animalier references break the monotony of a classical style and flaunt their charms in dynamic decorative motifs based on a palette of aloe green-◆▷●▲, guava pink and pomegranate pink○▼○.
Incised Opulence Trend focusses on the shape▲△▪★, colour•••▪◆, and neutral▲=, yet visually impacting incisions of ancient materials associated with legend and African totemic motifs…△◇○▪. Hence=▽▪, prints of tribal inspiration enhanced by the decorative charm of geometric patterns and shades of brown-◆, are teamed up with the graphic evolutions of historical artistic movements and the meticulously executed artisanal techniques of artefacts recalling rattan and macram&eacute-▼▷; weaves…○. A soft▽□, natural and extremely trendy palette explores the range of earthy tones○☆, while playing with various intensities of hue▪▷☆●●, from the sobriety of nude and the quietness of beige to the intensity of deep browns○▼-★◁.
Softly Retro Trend casts a nostalgic glance back to the fabulous atmospheres of Capri and Saint-Tropez-▪, a journey through time and the history of swimwear☆▽■•◁, leading up to the costumes of Baywatch○•. It is a gentle-retro trend which consolidates values and pursues a subtle and pared-down aesthetic in its nuances of pastel colours in faded tones●○△◆, such as clay pink★•★-, pale lilac and iridescent mother-of-pearl▲…. Lightly drawn lines interpret a subtle design of delicate graphic motifs and refined geometric patterns on Sensitive Fabrics◇…★, renowned for their high-performing features and super soft hand-feel•▲•◁.

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