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Original title: Hubei, a pharmaceutical factory▪=▽▪, a large villager, sulfur-containing gas, is not suitable for hospital examination▲◇. Recently▼■▷, a child stands unstable and nosebleeds. Some netizens broke the news…◇◆-, Huangshi Shixing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. near Linjiazhuang★★…, Wang Renzhen★▷, Huangshi City, Huangshi City△•●, Huangshi City, Hubei Province, from about 6:30 on June 12○◇■☆, suddenly discovered a large amount of pesticide irritating odor “□▪” Come with the smoke as the smoke ●▼▽•”. The newspaper said that at that time•★□, the school bus time and other school bus times were over an hour, and many children had vomiting on the spot. “The taste is too hard, and the pesticide is like△△•□, the adults can not stand, dizzy.” Baihua Village Liu Jun (pseudonym) told the No. 37 (WeChat ID=▲□•: Zhonganzu37), after★▪▼☆, afterwards, many villagers Take a child to Huangshi Aikang medici…-○▲.

Original title☆▷•…: The new “head” of the COSCO appeared, and after 4 months of Guo Shu☆◆☆, the Shanghai Stock Exchange welcomed the Secretary of the New Party Group. According to the website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission=☆, on May 4, the Shanghai Stock Exchange held a cadre meeting. Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Secretary of the Party Committee, attended the meeting and speaking▲○◆☆. Zhong Haidong, the Second Bureau of the Ministry of Cadres, announced that the Central and State Council decided◆▽▼: Huang Hongyuan Ren Yonge Shanghai Securities Exchange Party Committee Secretary was nominated as the chairman of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Board (Deputy Minister). The Shanghai Stock Exchange has held the eighth meeting of the 4th Council◇◁△▽, and the Chairman Huang Yuyuan is the Chairman of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in accordance with the legal procedures◁▷△. •▽”Police NEWS■◇-” (WeChat ID=-: ZSENEWS) notes that the news is shown in early January this year, the original Shanghai Stock Exchan▽☆!

Original title: Gansu official resiliation – the mayor of the Mayor of the Mayor Yuhai Yan▪▲▼◆, Wang San Yun Raise△▼, the aftershocks in Gansu is still continuing★☆○: On the day of the Childrens Day, the 60-year-old Hall, Gansu Bai Yinyuan Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zhang Zhiquan was investigated. Changan Street, IT (WeChat ID: Capitalnews) noted that this person has already signs: after 3 months last year, the new position will be announced◆○●, and there is no publicly reported activities in the past year◁=▷▽. Moreover, it was a long-term 3 consecutive mayor who had a continuous 3 consecutive mayor▲●. In Su Rong, I was promoted the public resume, and Ji Zhi●○, Gansu, was born in October 1962 and graduated. At the age of 35, he became a director of Linyi County, and then took over the county party secretary. At the age of 41, Zhang Zhiqu◁-◇.

Original title: [Solution Bureau] Shaving bone treatment, the self revolution of the Communist Youth League yesterday, the problem of college students will cause everyone to pay attention▽△=•, in fact, everyone should look at Yesterdays group central office newspaper, combined, more interesting. At the headline of the ▲◁○”China Youth Daily★◆○”, I published an article. The title is a sound: “The Self-revolutionary solemn promise”, the content is the new issue of the newly issued and issued “on improving the improvement of political stations to improve the improvement work style•●”, Referred to “Six Provisions”. Group Central Organization News, First Top Headline, Self Revolution●•▼☆, Six Regulations ..•…◁. This article is not general. Under the reading, this “six provisions●▼○▪” use the sharp and attitude of the words, it is impressive●◁□•. It is necessary to pick up the goods first, everyone feels: “About the improvement of political statio?

Original title…▷-△: Central Meteorological Observatory issued sandstorm blue early warning Central Meteorological Observatory issued sandstorm blue warning◁▷, expect 8 pm to tomorrow evening, affected by wind weather, central and southeastern Inner Mongolia, Northern Liaoning, Western Jilin, Southern Heilongjiang West, Some areas of Xinjiang Southjiang Basin have sands or floating weather, including central and southeastern inner Mongolia◁••, northwestern Liaoning, western Jilin, etc●-◁.■▲-, and people who remind people in the relevant regions pay attention to windproof sand. (CCTV reporter Renmei) Responsible Editor: Guoqia•▼▪. 65 polyester 35 cotton fabric classic mini carbon fibre classic mini carbon fibre – 65 polyester 35 cotton fabric.

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