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Original title: Shenzhen strictly tested small brothers 1 year illegal 3 times to be opened, the police are selling small brothers to the traffic safety education lesson. China News Agency, the boulder, Shenzhen Strictly, Takeaway Little Brother◁☆▼, 1 year, illegal 3 times to be opened to Shenzhen traffic police for takeaway distributor traffic violations launch …●•”The most strict▪-” new regulation in history□★◇▪; lawyers should look for “balance points” in March On the 7th▪▷▼, the Shenzhen traffic police launched the ▪○•△”three-level punishment mechanism” for takeaway distributors-▷▷, “three-level punishment mechanism” is known as “the most strict history”□◇◇■. The Beijing News reporter learned from the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Bureau for the Bank Limit Power Office that from the day, the takeaway distributors within Shenzhen, for the first time due to traffic violations▷○△…, the first time will be “banned” one week, The second prolong is one month, and the third time is punished■•, then the delivery platform will be dismisse.

Original title: I have destroyed here: Chinas Thatbu Campus Source: New Weekly As many universities continue to expand, a multi-area is very common. In order to teach the needs●-•, the institutions often allocate different colleges or grades to different campuses. Some of them are all in the city, and some are separated, some surrounded by CBD, and there are still alone in corn. The happiness is similar to the kind of happiness in the campus of life, and the other group of •-▽△”unfortunate▪★△” students have worry. For those students who have sent to the hate campus-○, the kind of “sad★•” thoughts are like ……☆◆”I have been working hard, I finally take into admission to the more unspeakable Dashan ▪▼-■…” Lanzhou University Yushong Campus college It is this kind of experience, knowing the way..

China Xinwang★•, May 27th (Zhao Guihua) Shenyang City will plan to build a science and technology city in southern southern, build radiation of the provinces and even Northeast Asia-◁□, to help high quality development in Northeast China. On May 27, Shenyang City, Hunnan District, in the Hunan Science and Technology City, publicly collecting the global character, domestic leading★•○, world-class planning and design, and finally selected winning programs up to 6 million yuan rewards○-▽▽. Shenyang Weinan Science and Technology City is located along the Cantonese Road of Weinan District□◆. Will be based on the overall layout of Liaoning Laboratory, the construction becomes an industrial high-end, wisdom open•★★=, green modern international innovation ecological demonstration zone, will carry the basic research in the fields of materials science, intelligent manufacturin.

China New Network May 27th (Zhang Hengwei) On the 27th, on the occasion of the anniversary of the 72nd anniversary of Shanghai, Zhao Xingzhi Archives Donation Ceremony was held in the Bund Pavilion in the Municipal Archives•□▷. About Chen Yanyan Danyang speech★▽●★, Shanghai liberation process, Shanghai Liberation street seeing work notes, diary▲•, letter, document, photo and other precious archives into Zang Municipal Archives▷◁, to celebrate the partys 100-year-old and party history education added vivid and fresh Textbook. Zhao Xingzhi, July 1938 went to Yanan from Hong Kong-▲, and joined the Communist Party of China in October. After the liberation of Shanghai, he served as deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Shanghai Military Management Conference•-●□, secretaries○◁▪◇, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the East China Military Committee■◇, and Personn▷▲.

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