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Original title: Director of the Director Office of the Ministry of Public Security: The active part of the public security is facing the leadership command system adjustment reform on March 4, an article published in the “Peoples Public Security Purchase” is “the active maintenance and implementation of the military committee▷◇•” In the article, the Director of the Political Department of the Ministry of Public Security is based on Guang Majun, revealing that the current public security active forces are facing the information of the leadership system to adjust the reform. The article says that the responsibility system of the Chairman of the Military Commission is to adhere to the partys fundamental system and fundamental implementation of the army. It is an important part of the socialist political system and military system of the Chinese characteristics-●◇…, condenses the valuable experience of our party building army, and excellent tradition☆…. To integrate the maintenance core into the blood soul▽◇■◆, the public security in-service force is both a gun pole, and the knife is a child, must be firmly unwailed to maintain and implement the military committe?

China News Agency, Beijing May 27, on the 26th, the World Womens Route League entered the second round in the Italian city. The Chinese womens volleyball team is worth 0: 3★•, and the three-game ratio is 13-□☆△: 25■◇▼★, 19: 25, 17: 25. The World Womens Route League is an important warm-up match in the Tokyo Olympic Games. However, the Chinese womens volleyball team did not send a full main lineup□••◆, such as Zhu Ting, Ding Xia, Gong Xiangyu and other core players did not play. In the first game, the Chinese womens volleyball team reversed the Korean team at 3: 1. In the Tokyo Olympic Games test, the Chinese womens volleyball team was held in the Olympic game venue. At that time, the Chinese team who played the main force was victorized at 3:0. b••=■.

Original title●△…: He hits the Japanese aircraft=▼! The sister wrote to the Japanese wife, shocked the whole world 75Dx150D shining finish satin rpet polyester recycled fabric – cherokee workwear scrubs.! Dont forget the heros source: The cow piano time returns to Wuhan, 80 years ago=◇, when a harsh, an urgent air strike alert, 54 Japanese military aircraft have approached the sky ▽●.◇…△.. Unbelievous is that Wuhan citizens do not show If people are fearful◆△▪, people have already embarrassed on the street … There is a woman named Chen Wei○▪…. She looked at her brother Chen Huaimin driving aircraft to a Japanese military plane cherokee workwear scrubs 75Dx150D shining finish satin rpet polyester recycled fabric marine waste interior textiles! The hero is falling, Chen Huaimin is only twenty-two years old▲☆-! His mother cried his eyes, unmarried girlfriends into the river◆-●, and sister Chen is chosen to write a letter to the Japanese wife!

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