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Original title: 28 departments combined with bright swords to severely punish housekeeping service inactivation behavior! “Business Micro News” WeChat blessings March 28 news, how serious is the consequences of the family service field●▪◇? Recently, 28 departments of the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued, establish and improve the uninterested joint punishment mechanism, and the confidential behavior of the familys service field bci cotton! In the future, the joint disciplinary work of serious illegal illegal responsibility of the familys service field is going to do polyester yarn price 100Dx150D waterproof RPET fabric blended with virgin poliester for autumn 100Dx150D waterproof RPET fabric blended with virgin poliester for autumn – polyester yarn price repreve fabric,! Joint disciplined objects mainly refer to the violation of the “Interim Measures for Family Service Industry” and other legal, regulations……, regulations, and normative documents in the business activities of the housekeeping, and other laws, regulations, regulations, and normative documents, and confirmed the relevant institutions with severe faith in the relevant authorities. The subject of responsibility and other responsible, including: (1) uninterested housekeeping service enterpris.

The city issued a policy to improve environmental monitoring data, severely punish the environmental monitoring data. In September last year•-▷•, the Office of the CPC Central Committee☆◆▷, the General Office of the State Council issued the “Opinions on Deepening Environmental Monitoring Reform to improve the quality of environmental monitoring data”, requiring various departments in all regions to combine Develop specific implementations to advance the implementation. Today, ●▼=▽”Beijing City Deepening Environmental Monitoring and Reform Improvement Environment Monitoring Data Quality Implementation Plan” officially announced. The program clearly implements interventions and records. The city environmental protection department can disclose the person in charge of the government-○□; at the same time, it is necessary to severely punish the enterprise, institutional and personal environmental monitoring data. To achieve a illegal-○◁, everywhere is limited. Sending false and prominent will be disclosed in accordance with the relevant requirements of the central governmen.

Original title-○: 2018 National Two Sessions, Guilin Mayor Qin Chuncheng◆●■, etc. During the 13th National Peoples Congress, six representatives of the National Peoples Congress•-, Guangxi Guilin Mayor Qin Chuncheng, suggested that this issue was solved in the development of small and medium-sized rail traffic in the three or four-line cities. The representative of Qin Chuncheng has proposed in its recommendations-…. In the past 10 years, my countrys road mileage has increased by about 3%▼□▼, but the average annual growth rate of more than 16%○▽, “urban traffic congestion○★, motor vehicle exhaust gas emission pollution▲◇, smog and other issues have gradually Become a maximum of the general public, the most affected, the most affected, the most complainous problem▽◇, △…”related research shows that traffic congestion is from the first line city to the third four-line ci.

Zhongxin Net Zhoushan May 27 (Reporter Fang) “Zhejiang is the party red root pulse◁…-“, which is also the Chinese revolutionary carrier, with a deep revolutionary tradition and accumulation, forming the spirit of the Red Boat★▲◁•, Zhejiang Spirit ■◇▼, Da Chen Island, the spirit of the southwestern revolution, Ant Island Spirit, Haixia Spirit and other series of precious spiritual wealth. “27th▲…▷, Deputy Minister Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee★◇, President of the Provincial Department of Social Sciences Sheng Shihao in the new era Antao At the spiritual theoretical seminar■=, it is said that this seminar is held in this important time node in the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, aims to effectively take the responsibility of ••▪▼”red root pulse”▲•…□, and put the Ant Island spirit as the unique resources of the party history education and viv.

Original title: US media said China leads the world manufacturing automation: a car accessories factory that is high-speed growth of robot in Kunshan, Jiangsu, and industrial robots are processing auto parts▼□. (Hong Kong “South China Morning Post=●” Website) Reference Message Network On March 22◇•▪▲, where is the idea of ​​being accepted▲-▷○? US media said that it is not the United States or Europe••, which is China leading the world△■△☆. China is a “manufacturing automation country=●☆•”, not the low-cost labor provider◁▼▼…. According to the US ★☆”Value Walk••★▽” News website reported on March 19☆★•, manufacturing automation demand continues to grow, and fundamentally promotes this demand growth is China=▼□, Chinas economy accounts for less than 15%…▼☆=, but it is automated The demand for technology is twice the number. A report of HSBC pointed out th?

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